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Domaine Trevallon

Other regions Domaine Trevallon Provence
Domaine de Trevallon
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55.00 €
Red wine
0,75 L
Area : Other areas
Name : Provence
Type : Red wine
Grape variety : Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah
Structure : Complex, Consistent, Dense, Length, Lush, Rich
Families of flavor : Chocolat, Fresh fruits, Réglisse, Spices
Conservation : A boire jusqu'en 2020
Temperature of service : 16°
Mets/Wines agreements : Brochettes d'agneau, Côte de boeuf à la moelle, Pintade aux morilles
Capacity : Bottle (0,75 L)
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Description :
The Domaine de Trevallon wine estate is located in Saint-Etienne-du-Grès, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, 25 km south of Avignon and 7 km west of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, on the northern slopes of the Alpilles.

Domaine Trevallon

Domaine Trevallon Grands vins  

"I was 23 when I first started making wine. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas. I just wanted to make good wine, with a natural aspect, that’s all. I don’t think that’s changed."

"There really isn’t any great secret to it - the less you do, the better the wine!" Eloi Dürrbach admitted.

First of all, the grapes must have lots of taste and the soil should be nourished organically. We do not nourish the plant but the soil. We don’t use any pesticides, or insecticides. Nothing but sheep manure. Then we plough the land. This helps to encourage the development of deep roots, which means that the vine can absorb all the natural characteristics of the soil, of the "terroir", which is the most interesting aspect of how the plant is nourished. We use close pruning methods, thereby reducing the yield and prolonging the life of the vine from 20 to 50 years. Then we harvest the grapes when they are at full ripeness and very healthy.

The same goes for making the wine in the cellar. It is best to do as little as possible. We don’t use exogenous yeasts and neither do we correct acidity. It is a completely natural process. We either punch down by foot or pump-over to aerate the wine.
However, here at Trevallon, we prefer to leave the wine to age in barrels and oak casks for a long period. Over two years for the reds and one year for the whites. The process of micro-oxygenation develops slowly between the wood and the wine. I also do some racking, but not as much as I used to in any case!

This is because the lees at the bottom of the barrel continue to enrich the wine and are an incredibly powerful anti-oxidant. For the 2001, I did only one racking operation in a two-year ageing period.

My golden rule is to interfere as little as possible with the wine. I never rack the white wines and hardly ever stir the lees. Otherwise it makes white wines too heavy and rather ordinary. I proceed in exactly the same way when acting as consultant at other vineyards.

I try to improve the wine producers’ sensitivity to help them develop their wine-making abilities. So, we don’t stick to any specifications but rather follow Nature’s lead, upstream, insofar as concerns the vines, and then, in the cellar, we proceed according to the conditions of the year’s harvest. If you depend too much on technology, you get a uniform, standardised taste."

Notes de dégustation

Vin de garde, néanmoins se goûte bien aujourd’hui grâce à son côté digeste et fruité. A carafer
Garde 20 à 25 ans

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