Domaine Dauvissat 2009
Domaine Vincent Dauvissat
Vigneron talentueux et passionné , Vincent Dauvissat est à la tête d’une des meilleures sources de chablis. La viticulture n’est pas officiellement bio, même si la démarche s’en approche, et c’est sans doute grâce aux heures passées dans les vignes que Vincent arrive à transmettre aux Forest, aux Preuses, ou aux Clos ces expressions de bouche si droites. Tous les vins sont passés en fût ; ils ont en commun leur élégance et leur pureté cristalline.

Chez Vincent Dauvissat, il n’y a pas de secret en ce qui concerne la vinification ou l’élevage : les vins sont fermentés en tonneau entre 20° et 22°, et conservés en fûts pendant 10 mois. Il n’utilise pas de chêne neuf pour ses Premiers Crus, mais pour les Grands Crus comme Les Chablis Les Preuses et les Chablis Les Clos, il renouvelle 20 à 40% des fûts, uniquement en chêne d’Allier. Les Chablis du domaine Dauvissat se distinguent parce qu’il se révèle d’une garde exceptionnellement longue – 15 ans n’est pas inhabituel pour ses vins – alors même qu’ils sont extrêmement bons quand ils sont jeunes. Ils sont l’image d’un mariage heureux entre un fruit généreux et des arômes de vanille et d’épices du chêne.

Les meilleurs vins sont régulièrement les Grands Crus, Les Preuses et Les Clos. Cependant, le Chablis La Forest constitue une excellente affaire car il est souvent aussi bon dans des millésimes comme 2002, 2005 et 2006. Dauvissat est donc un des grands pour le Chablis.



Découvrez le millésime 2009

Chablis : 25€ (30 bouteilles disponibles)

Allen Meadows : 87-90 points
"A pretty nose blends green fruit, apple and dried floral notes before marrying into cool and precise yet generous flavors that possess a subtle minerality on the tension-filled, moderately dry and intense finish of much better than average length." (2010)

Chablis 1er Cru Sechet : 41€ (12 bouteilles disponibles)

Allen Meadows : 89-91 points
"An expressive and obviously ripe nose speaks of citrus, tidal pool and honeysuckle aromas that complement well the minerally, pure and racy middle weight flavors brimming with dry extract, all wrapped in a balanced and lingering finish that is quite dry in the context of the vintage." (2010)

Chablis 1er Cru Forest : 43€ (36 bouteilles disponibles)

Allen Meadows : 90-93 points
"A notably more complex nose offers up more classic Chablis aromas that include oyster shell, tidal pool and white flower aromas cut with just a hint of citrus that can also be found on the rich, generous, concentrated and quite powerful medium plus weight flavors that evidence noticeable salinity on the mouth coating and impressively persistent finish. Good stuff here and worth your interest
." (2010)




Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons : 43€ (24 bouteilles disponibles)

Allen Meadows : 89-92 points
"An ever-so-mildly exotic character that resembles muscat can be detected amid the white peach and apricot suffused nose that introduces rich yet remarkably well-detailed and lightly mineral-driven flavors that culminate in a mouth coating, balanced and harmonious finish. This should be very good." (2010)

Assortiment 3 bouteilles : 165€ (6 lots disponibles)
1 Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuses et 2 Chablis 1er Cru La Forest

Allen Meadows : 92-95 points
"Here the nose is more complex still with a strikingly nuanced nose of green fruit, sea breeze, iodine and wet stone that complements perfectly the detailed, intense and palate drenching flavors that culminate in an explosive, salty and dry finish. As it almost always is chez Dauvissat, what really distinguishes this wine from the others in the range is the Zen-like sense of harmony. In a word, beautiful." (2010)

Assortiment 4 bouteilles : 213€ (6 lots disponibles)
1 Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos et 3 Chablis 1er Cru La Forest

Allen Meadows : 93-95 points
"This is more overtly floral and distinctly cool with subtle spice and mineral reduction aromas that are followed by rich, powerful and broad-scaled yet quite finely detailed and pure flavors that are underpinned by a firm acid spine and an intensely citrus-infused finish. Even though 2009 in general is not a great terroir vintage, this could not be mistaken for anything but great Chablis." (2010)



Millésime 2008

Chablis 1er Cru Forest : 39.5€ (2 bouteilles disponibles)

Allen Meadows : 93 points
"In contrast to the prior's wine inexpressiveness, here the nose explodes from the glass, combining notes of lemon peel, Chablis-style green fruit and oyster shell nuances that can also be found on the rich, energetic and highly intense flavors that are powerful and almost painfully intense on the extremely dry finish. I really like the balance and overall sense of underlying tension. This should be great in time." (2010)

Chablis 1er Cru Vallons : 39.5€ (2 bouteilles disponibles)

Allen Meadows : 92 points
"This is much more reserved than the Séchet with a nose of white peach, iodine, mineral reduction and spice hints that merge seamlessly into rounder and ever-so-slightly less precise medium-bodied flavors that there is even better intensity and persistence here on the equally dry finish. Wonderful." (2010)

Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuses : 75€ (3 bouteilles disponibles)

Allen Meadows : 95 points
"A highly complex if discreet nose of noticeably cool aromas features notes of limestone, lemon, oyster shell, iodine and dried white flowers that marry into beautifully precise flavors blessed with an abundance of dry extract on the tightly wound, seriously long and intense finish. This is flat out gorgeous and perfectly balanced with that Zen-like character this wine always seems to evidence." (2010)

Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos : 83€ (5 bouteilles disponibles)

Allen Meadows : 96 points
"A ripe, pure and airy nose of classic Chablis aromas is trimmed in the barest hint of pain grillé while complementing perfectly the rich, mineral-driven and beautifully intense palate staining and mouth coating flavors brimming with oyster shell nuances on the penetrating, delineated, focused and bone dry finish. I love the underlying sense of tension here and like the Preuses, this has so much dry extract that it will require at least a decade to fully mature. Brilliant." (2010)