Domaine de la Romanée Conti

Incontestablement, le domaine de la Romanée Conti, propriété de la famille de Villaine, Bize-Leroy et Roch, est le plus prestigieux domaine de Bourgogne, voire du monde.

Pourquoi les vins du domaine sont si réputés ?

En tout état de cause, dans les meilleurs millésimes, ils planent bien au dessus de tous les autres. Aubert de Villaine le clame au et fort : chaque millésimes ayant ses particularités, il convient de faire preuve de souplesse et de s’adapter aux caprices de la nature.

En ce qui concerne la vinification, la vendange est, selon le millésime, égrappée à 50% ou pas du tout, les périodes de cuvaison sont relativement longues, et les vins ont toujours élevés un minimum de 18 mois dans 100% de chêne neufs, ce qui fournit des conditions sanitaires suffisantes pour mettre les vins en bouteilles sans filtration préalable.

Bien sûr, les terroirs d’exception et, à l’échelle bourguignonne, les larges parcelles y sont pour beaucoup dans la qualité des vins mais , en plus du sens du travail bien fait, il y a au domaine de La Romanée Conti, une exigence de style de vin le plus pur, avec des vinifications les plus proches possible du raisin et de sa noblesse aromatique.


Depuis des années le domaine pratique la biodynamie, ce dont il fait moins état que d’autres. Quand une éthique irréprochable s’ajoute à la valeur du terroir et à la compétence de tout le personnel, aucun vin au monde ne peut dépasser la finesse transcendante des grands crus de Vosne-Romanée.

Le domaine de la Romanée-Conti s’étend sur 24,85 hectares, dont 0,85 de blanc. La production annuelle est seulement de 95 000 bouteilles par an en appellation Echezeaux, Grands Echezeaux, Romanée-Conti, Romanée Saint-Vivant, Richebourg, La Tâche, Montrachet.


Découvrez le millésime 2007

Echezeaux Grand Cru : 335€  (3 bouteilles en stock)

Robert Parker : 90 points
"The Domaine’s 2007 Echezeaux displays ripe red berry and star anise aromas; a tender fruit character, mingled with a hint of mocha and underlain by subtly saline meat stock on a silken palate, and a finish that preserves just enough of a fresh edge to its fruit to stimulate salivation and the desire for the next sip. Here is a 2007 that remains true to the personality it expressed early on in barrel, albeit with flattering textural refinement and a greater sense of purity. It’s small scale, but only in the non-derogatory sense of chamber music (two words I used to describe it and, amusingly, later heard from de Villaine). I imagine this charmer being best enjoyed over the next 5-7 years." (2010)

Grands Echezeaux Grand Cru : 490€  (1 bouteille en stock)

Robert Parker : 92 points
"The Domaine de La Romanee-Conti 2007 Grands-Echezeaux exhibits a rich, roasted meat dimension to parallel its sweetness of ripe red raspberry and cherry, with hints of vanilla and caramel adding a confectionary hint, and a flatteringly plush, creamy texture. Cardamom, soy, and ginger add pungency and savor to a long, layered finishing melange. Follow it for at least 10-12 years." (2010)

Romanée Saint-Vivant Grand Cru : 657€  (2 bouteilles en stock)

Robert Parker : 93 points
"The Domaine’s 2007 Romanee-St.-Vivant predictably inhabits a different world – not to mention being in a different league of complexity and intrigue – from their Echezeaux, Grands Echezeaux, or Richebourg of that vintage. Peat, leather, humus, forest floor, and decadent floral perfume are joined by an oceanic saline, alkaline, kelp-tinged aspect, and these surf-and-turf aspects follow on a polished palate that – despite only the slightest nod in the direction of overt fruitiness by way of dark berries – nevertheless displays a mouth-watering juiciness to accompany its myriad mineral and organic complexities. A persistently satisfying and thought-provoking finish points to the likelihood of 12-15 years continuance." (2010)


Richebourg Grand Cru : 697€  (2 bouteilles en stock)

Robert Parker : 91 points
"Game, musk, Latakia tobacco, and dark berries in the nose of the Domaine’s 2007 Richebourg foreshadow flavors of salted tart black fruits, roasted game, and hints of black pepper and tar, all underlain by mouth-coating, faintly gum-numbing if fine-grained, tannins. After the charm of the Echezeaux, imposing sweetness of the Grands-Echezeaux, and savory mystery of the Romanee-St.-Vivant, I confess I may be at fault in not conceiving an inspiring role to assign this faintly Syrah-like Richebourg. It displays impressive amplitude, ripeness, and sheer grip – especially for its vintage – but is slightly ungainly (as it was earlier in barrel), if perhaps merely adolescently so. I would (in an ideal world, of course!) want to revisit this in 3-4 years, though I am sure it is built to last for well more than a decade." (2010)

La Tâche Grand Cru : 999€  (3 bouteilles en stock)

Robert Parker : 96 points
"The 2008 La Tache amply illustrates why this monopole is the darling among most of those lucky enough to regularly taste or collect the wines of the Domaine de La Romanee-Conti. Hints of mocha, vanilla, maraschino, and almond paste lend a confectionary note to generously rich cassis and raspberry, while Latakia tobacco, peat, clove, black pepper, star anise, and cumin contribute commune-typical Vosne-Romanee personality in spades. The high-toned, sweet themes continue inner mouth, with intimation of heliotrope, rowan, and lily perfume, while the wine’s smoky, spicy elements seem to descend into a low-register undertone of roasted red meats and forest floor. As this opens to the air, a subtly sweet-saline suggestion of lobster shell reduction adds richness and succulence. Strikingly creamy in feel, this La Tache nevertheless possessed a fresh berry edge that helps convey vibrancy to a finish that practically glows in your mouth, offering another of those Burgundian paradoxes of light and dark. Here, de Villaine’s case for long-term potential is easily made, and I expect this will richly reward at least 15-20 years of attention." (2010)

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