Domaine Michel Niellon Allen Meadows's Burgendy reference :

"Michel Niellon describes the 2007 vintage as one where "it had all the hallmarks of an early, and thus very ripe, vintage that turned out to be early yet anything but really ripe. To be sure, the grapes weren't under ripe but usually when you're harvesting very early, it's because the weather has been very hot.

Other than essentially having July arrive in April, the rest of the time the weather was cool, gray and wet, save for the last two weeks of August and the first half of September.

We picked relatively early, which is to say at the beginning of September and brought in normal yields with sugars that ran between 12 and 13% and firm if not aggressive acidities. The wines domaine Niellon are classic and remind me quite a bit of the 2004s. I personally prefer the 2006s as I like rather ripe wines but those who prefer classically styled wines will probably prefer the '07s."