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Other regions

Domaine de la Salade

Other regions Domaine de la Salade Pic Saint Loup
Domaine de la Salade
Pic Saint Loup
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Red wine
0,75 L
Area : Other areas
Name : Pic Saint Loup
Type : Red wine
Grape variety : Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah
Structure : Complex, Dense, Length, Powerful, Thick, Velvety
Families of flavor : Café, Chocolat, Fresh fruits, Mokka, Réglisse, Spices
Conservation : A boire jusqu'en 2020
Temperature of service : 16°
Mets/Wines agreements : Navarin d'agneau, Pigeon aux olives, skewers of lamb
Capacity : Bottle (0,75 L)
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Description :

Today the winery is farmed by a family company. The actual face is the result of Henri Vialla's work who managed the domain until the 80's. Since that his four children Monique, Michel, Pierre and Philippe took over.

Domaine de la Salade

The wine-producing domain belongs to the production area of the Pic Saint Loup located at the north-east part of Herault department, backed on Cevenol foothills. It’s a region of plateau and low hills dominated by the Pic Saint Loup which is 658 m at its highest point and by the limestone plateau of the Hortus which is 512 m at its highest point. Those two points are separated by Montferrand’s gap where we are located.

The vineyard AOC PIC SAINT LOUP spread over 30km in direction of the sea through north garrigues of Montpellier. It’s the more northern vineyard of the designation Coteaux du Languedoc. The production area includes 13 communes including St Mathieu de Tréviers, where the domain is.

It represents 120 acres of plain (AOC land) and 24 acres of hillside (AOC land).
The domain is composed by 5 soils with different geological origins. The mains are mass of fallen earth and soft limestone which confers a large richness and typical characteristics.

The soil takes advantage of the climatic singularity of the Pic St Loup region: cold night and warm days during the maturation period of the grapes providing the originality of the colour and the flavour of our wines.

The winery represent a global surface of 45 ha. It constituted of improving grapes planted between 1980 and 2000: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault.

Our improving grapes and our wine-producing techniques ensure the production of high quality wines. The reputation is an acknowledged since years.

Notes de dégustation

Un vin sombre, très profond et développant des arômes de fruits noirs, de chocolat et de douces épices. Un vin dense, et plus en finesse que la cuvée dix huit cent trois . Nez profond de réglisse, de fruits confits, d’épices. Les tanins sont souples et le vin est de belle acidité. Un vin suave et gourmand qui dispose d’une jolie finale souple

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