Cave des grands vins online web merchant provide a selection of rare wines and Rhône Valley great winesdomaine Chave wines, domaine Guigal wines, Clos de Papes wines. Find also Great Burgundy winesdomaine Sauzet wines and large choice of wine grand cru of Bordeaux, Champagnes and Spirits

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First Class Service Delivery

Shipping orders /Time for delivery

The product ordered is delivered by the carrier selected by "La Cave Des Grands Vins" to the address on the order form. The choice of delivery mode depends on the destination of the items.

As we have already explained, our stock is on hand and its management is in real time. This allows us to offer delivery within 48 or 72 hours in metropolitan France. An order registered before 3pm is packaged and shipped the following morning (working day)
In cases of unexpected delays, an email will be sent to the Customer.

Regarding deliveries abroad, the deadlines vary by destination. Call us for more information.

On dispatch of your order, an email confirmation will be sent. This message indicates the date of shipping (from our cellar) and the carrier package tracking number.

The selected wines are shipped in a special packaging designed to withstand the transportation risks.

The packaging includes a Styrofoam box that protects form shocks but also from light and from temperature variations. Our packaging supplier's tests show that the temperature inside the box varies only on average by four centigrade in 48 hours.

If your package is shipped through "Colissimo Suivi" and you're away when it is delivered, a notice will be left in your mailbox. You then have a period of about 10 days to pick the package up at your post office. The tracking number is mentioned on the passage notice, it is also available from your client account webpage as soon as your order has been shipped.

If your order is shipped by another carrier (eg Chronopost) and you're away when it is delivered, a notice will be left in your mailbox. It will mention a phone number that you can call in order to agree with the carrier to a new delivery date.

If the carrier has not been able to deliver your package (no contact in spiteof the passage notice, wrong address, etc.), your package will be returned to us. We will then contact you by email to inform you of the cause of the problem. With your agreement; we will eventually change the shipping address and set a new delivery date.

For information on delivery rates according to the destination, please refer directly to the Service Delivery FAQ section.