Cave des grands vins get you a selection of rare wines and most prestigious Burgundy wines, domaine Rousseau wines, domaine Dauvissat wines, domaine Raveneau wines, domaine Sauzet winesRhône Valley great wines, domaine Chave wines, and large choice of wine grand cru of Bordeaux , Champagnes and Spirits

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Safety of transactions

Safety of finantial datas is a secured website crypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) signed by Crédit du Nord Bank and it's system protect all datas linked to the payments. The finantial datas of the users will never transit on the "Cave des Grand Vins" system. Cave des Grand Vins responsability cannot be engaged on this matter.

We don"t keep any financial informations concerning our customers, as credit card informations. For the payment all those informations are kept securely by our partner Crédit du Nord bank.