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Domaine Grosperrin Jean

Spirits Domaine Grosperrin Jean Cognac
Domaine Grosperrin
Grande Champagne 48°8
159.00 €
0,75 L
Area : Other areas
Name : Cognac
Type : Spirits
Grape variety : Colombard, Divers cépages, Ugni Blanc
Structure : Ample, Complex, Deep, Finesse, Length, Rich
Families of flavor : Cuir, Cèdre, Flowers, Fresh fruits, Honey, Wood
Conservation : A boire jusqu'en 2050 et plus
Temperature of service : 14°
Mets/Wines agreements : Petits fondants au chocolat, Tarte aux pommes
Capacity : Bottle (0,75 L)
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Description :

Each bottle of La Gabare's Cognac de Collection bearing a vintage or age also carries a guarantee on the cork certifying that bottling of that particular cognac took place in the presence of a bailiff. All of cognacs have been stored under state control in Oreco warehouses from the time of purchase until bottling

Domaine Grosperrin Jean

Cognacs Grosperrin  

La Gabare’s Cognac de Collection begun with very modest means but with sincere aspirations. The collection emerged from the ruins of the cognac industry as it switched from the hands of family trading houses to the iron rule of wine and spirits multinationals. The entire region and many different professions were forced to adapt to survive. The first to be affected were the winegrowers who, in order to live and do business with the industry’s new masters, had to accept very strict specifications that were often inversely proportionate to the payment they received.

Those winegrowers or intermediaries that were refused access to this new economic order, either because their properties were too small or because there was no place for them in this new structure, were forced to change the way they worked before it was too late. They were in danger of losing all their assets and disappearing altogether. The idea of La Gabare’s Cognac de Collection range was born as a result of this pressing need for change.

Jean Grosperrin : "Over the years, working as a broker, I have developed a very special and close relationship with my clients. In addition, I have been actively helped in my search by a sworn broker and colleague of mine who is systematically contacted to evaluate inheritances and who has excellent contacts with many old Cognac families. This allows me to know when a family intends to sell or divide up its inheritance.

At such times, I am often presented with samples of very old cognacs. We only select cognacs aged in casks that have not been systematically topped up over time as the quantity of liquid diminished through evaporation. 

I also require official paperwork or archives tracing the product from the time of distillation. I then taste the cognac, first at full strength and then with water, and if satisfied - i.e. if the aromas and ageing of the cognac are of real interest - then the cognac is carbon-dated by the French National Scientific Research Institute to confirm the age indicated. Only if these three conditions are fulfilled is the new cognac permitted to enter our own cellars.

Another source for our Collection are the state-controlled warehouses where I am occasionally able to obtain cognac that has been stored there since its distillation. However, this is mostly young cognac distilled"

  Cognacs Grosperrin

Notes de dégustation

Ce Cognac millésimé provient d’une famille de notaires installée à Cognac depuis plusieurs générations. Cette Petite Champagne 1973 faisait partie de la succession du père, qui avait légué ses stocks à son épouse et à son fils, notaire comme lui. Le père avait acheté ce lot en janvier 1974 à l’un de ses clients, qui était alors le président d’une des plus importantes maisons de Cognac. Ce lot provient donc de la distillerie et des chais d’une maison toujours réputée aujourd’hui. Malheureusement, au décès du père, le fils et sa mère ne s’entendaient plus et la succession s’enlisa pour plusieurs décennies, jusqu’à ce que nous proposions une solution. Il s’agit d’un Cognac très "sentimental", qui a été stocké sous contrôle d’Etat le 25 janvier 1974 dans un chai ancien et très humide situé au bord de la Charente, devenu depuis le Musée du Cognac. La récolte 1973 fut abondante (+62% par rapport à 1972 en Petite Champagne !) et ravira le qualificatif de "récolte du siècle" à l’année 1970.

Robe vieil or, presque ambrée. Le nez est marqué par des notes gourmandes de quetsches trop mûres, de mirabelles séchées, d’épices (cardamone, curcuma, poivre noir) et de bois exotiques (cèdre chaud, bois de santal, Eucalyptus). Autour de tout cela, on retrouve le rancio caractéristique des vieux Cognacs proches de la maturité. En bouche, de nouveau cette gourmandise fruitée (prune mûre, pruneau, chocolat à la cannelle) et épicée (muscade, tabac). Pointe d’amertume, amplitude et profondeur d’un rancio maîtrisé.

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